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As a personal trainer for 17 years, I have seen many different trendy diets and workout programs come and go.  What these different “programs” often lack is SUSTAINABILITY, offering some crazy 30-day transformation hopes embodied in a crash diet and over-the-top training program requiring you to go hard everyday for 90+ minutes, leaving you exhausted, missing gains, and let us not forget about the metabolic damage.  The issue with the diet fads you see changing a couple times a year is they typically remove a macronutrient from your intake, you last for a couple months experiencing noticeable “results”, you celebrate by going back to what you were eating prior, and find yourself in a worse-off position than when you had started. This has to be FRUSTRATING!

Where does Coach Christian come in?

Christian is here to help you build a solid foundation through a sustainable, realistic approach. He will guide you to find YOUR answers to the two most important questions regarding your nutrition:

What will this food do for me?

Is this food going to help me reach my goals?

With so many nutrition and workout programs available, he understands it is difficult to choose the right one.  Here you are choosing a completely personalized approach that is meant specifically for YOU and YOUR goals, eliminating the cookie-cutter-copy-and-paste crap you will find everywhere else. 

What is included?

  • A commitment from both you and Christian to an individualized nutrition program designed to fit your lifestyle and attack your goals head on
  • A completely customized set of macros designed off the information you provide
  • Weekly adjustments to your macros as your body changes
  • Guidance, support, and feedback